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See our Finest collection of Tiles Collection

Everyone has different ideas when it comes to a perfect bathroom, so why not complete your perfect bathroom with our Wall & Floor tiles.

Selecting tile for your bathroom is a big deal. You’ve probably been thinking about it since you decided to remodel your bathroom. Maybe you’ve already set your heart on your favourite tiles to compliment your perfect bathroom.

Cosi Living’s classic range of honed and filled travertine. We offer many warm and neutral tones from cream through to walnut. Applications for both domestic wall and floor use. Please note that some of our Products require sealing before and after grouting.

Before you buy that tile and start installing it, be sure you’ve made a choice that will not only look great but stand up to your expectations, daily steamy shower, or the kids’ tidal waves.

Bathroom Floor Tile

Your bathroom floor should stand up to wet conditions, frequent and easy to clean, and look good while doing it. Get stylish tile in your bathroom and still get the water-resistance that you need with porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Wooden flooring is an unexpected look that stands up to the conditions of the bathroom environment. These porcelain and ceramic wood look tiles have a genuine grain look that is made with the latest scanning and printing technologies.

Shower tile doesn’t have to be boring to handle everyday use. In fact, some of Cosi Living’s inspires the senses with its spa-like feel. It’s also a ColorBody porcelain tile, which means that the color of the body of the tile is similar to the surface of the tile so chips or scratches in the tile are not as apparent.

Bathroom Wall Tile

Not only does a fully tiled wall make your bathroom more water-resistant, it is a stunning design statement.

You may want to consider extending your mosaic across an entire wall. With the right tile and pattern, this wall can become the centre of your bathroom. Mosaics allow you to custom pick your colours and patterns, or you can select professionally designed mosaic patterns—ready to install.

Bathroom Backsplash Tile

Backsplash is a necessary element of any bathroom. It saves you from water damage. A beautiful backsplash can be anything from a mosaic to traditional tile. It can be natural stone, glass, or metallic.

Try something different like a linear glass tile that lends durability and texture to your bathroom. Or a unique shaped like diamonds, brick-joint rectangles, or penny rounds. The backsplash is a great place to add a splash of color or an interesting finish without overwhelming the room.

Why not let Cosi Living design a bathroom you can relax and unwind in by introducing some stylish new tiles. From stunning Marble effect pattern tiles for the floors, through to defined bevelled Metro Tiles for the walls, and contemporary mosaics for the shower room, we have  

Thanks to the enormous range of colours, shapes, sizes and finishes available, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a material for your bathroom tiles. Whether matters of maintenance are your top priority or you’re looking for a finish that refuses to be ignored, you’re bound to find a tiling option that’s made for your home.

Travertine: bathrooms and travertine tiles are a match made in heaven. This stunning sedimentary rock is used to create a uniquely textured tile that adds warmth and character to any wall or floor. Travertine bathroom tiles are available in an array of beautiful, earthy tones, and the best part is that no two tiles are the same. This means your bathroom will be completely unique, whether you’re looking to create a room full of unrefined beauty or balance out some luxurious furnishings with a rugged, all-natural tile.

Ceramic: combining the durability to handle daily wear and tear with an easy-to-clean finish, ceramic bathroom tiles are available in a diverse range of styles – meaning they’ll work equally well in a smart bathroom splashback or as a pretty and practical flooring solution. Whether you want tiles in a flawless white or decorated with rich, intricate patterns, ceramic is a true all-rounder – with the added bonus of being ideally suited to this busy room of the house.

Porcelain: strong and durable, porcelain is a popular material when it comes to tiles that are guaranteed to last – and investing in porcelain bathroom tiles will give you peace of mind that your flooring will look great for years to come. From monochrome mosaic tiles for your bathroom wall to Scandi-style porcelain bathroom floor tiles, this material is nothing if not incredibly versatile.

Non-slip: if you’re most concerned with the practical properties of your flooring, non-slip bathroom tiles put safety first. From matt porcelain tiles to anti-slip ceramics, you can find a safe and stylish tiling solution to suit any bathroom design theme – so once you’ve taken care of the practical aspects, you can enjoy browsing a broad range of beautiful tiles to find your bathroom’s perfect match.