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See our Finest collection of German Kitchen designs

Our kitchens are manufactured using modern state of the art technologies ensuring a millimeter perfection in the construction of our cabinets, which are delivered rigid with sturdier shelving and drawers, including hinges and runners that will perform for life. The choice is yours to make from our stunning ranges of luxurious furniture, finishes and features.

Be rest assured that help is at hand with our in store experts that will guide you through the decision making process for your bespoke German or Italian Kitchen.  Our available choices range include: Modern Kitchens, High Gloss Kitchens, Traditional Kitchens, True Handleless, Wooden and Shaker Kitchen.


With its crisp clean lines and cutting-edge appearance, the Modern Kitchen creates the perfect focal point to entertain guests or relax with a coffee and breakfast with your loved ones in the morning. Often encompassing a merge of your kitchen with your living space providing a seamless flow integration of your design elements in both areas of your home.


High Gloss kitchens are a very popular style. They are both hardwearing and very easy to keep clean. The added benefit of a gloss kitchen is the amount of light it can reflect from its surfaces, helping to brighten any kitchen thus allowing for a freedom of colour choices for your kitchen.


With their formal and elegant looks, the Traditional Kitchen displays characteristics of kitchens dating back to the 18thcentury, with a much more modern and functional twist, such as the additions of modern accessories and inserts within your kitchen design.


A predominant feature of this kitchen is a continuous rail built into the cabinet along the whole of the kitchen run, allowing for ease of opening as your hands are free to glide behind the door fronts of the units – this ease of gliding is also why the true handleless kitchen is regarded as the most hygienic kitchen option as the disinfectant wipe cloth is simply glided along the rail for ease of clean.  Unlike with handles were there is a tendency for dirt and germs to be hidden in and behind the handles.  There is also the issue of handle choice selection which can be tedious and confusing with hundreds of choices available.


These can be Solid Wood or Wood Effect for those with ultra-traditional ideas around their kitchen the wooden kitchen offers the best solution, with the use of solid wood in the kitchen there are plenty of advantages such as ease of repair – simply sand down and stain in the same vanish for major scratches, or if painted can easily be sand down and repainted with a colour match, it allows for a complete colour overhaul of the kitchen if required without the cost of buying new doors.  With wooden kitchens the natural whorls and grain of the wood will give your kitchen a unique look with the choice of Dark and medium toned woods available for a traditional or contemporary look preference.