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See our Finest collection of Bathroom designs

Designed and made in Italy & Germany, we offer the highest quality sanitary ware for contemporary living.  Our products are expertly crafted using the latest technology, featuring pristine profiles and smooth surfaces thanks to the exclusive treatment applying in its manufacturing. We provide five distinctive ranges which allow the possibility of adding dedicated storage solutions, providing you with pure Italian design inspiration for your bathroom projects.

Our company offers a clean and beautiful designs at the highest quality standard. Manual ability and automation, craftsmanship and technology. Technical, functional and aesthetic requirements form a selected system of products which allow us to only offer our clientele products that are of the highest quality available. You are welcomed to book an appointment or simply walk-in to our CosiLiving showroom in Slough to view some of our selections on display.

The best time you can dedicate to yourself is that spent in our bespoke bath tub. Imagine a comprehensive regenerating experience, able to involve the mind and body.  Our Hydromassage bath-tub benefits both body and mind, bringing total mental and physical relaxation, equipped with jets designed and regulated to act on the whole body and to massage “towards the heart”. In this way the circulatory and lymphatic systems are stimulated and the benefits of hot water and massage are maximized.

Our products range from revolutionary rimless flushing system, SwirlFlush. Which are Available in the Norm, Kube, Kube Flat, Pura and Sand collections.


The Sand Collection is characterised by a strong design statement. Taking inspiration from deserted sandy beaches and the flow of water, the Sand collection features sinuous, enveloping and soft shapes coupled with functionality and individuality. From the striking look of the freestanding Sand washbasin, to the graceful and soft forms of the vanity basins, Sand is destined to become the focal point in any bathroom.

Norm Collection With simple lines and sharp edges, Norm is the perfect design for a minimalistic style.

Offering a wide choice of basin sizes, from the space saving Norm35 to the imposing proportions of Norm125 double basin, this stunning collection can be customised to suit a wide variety of spaces and requirements, and all basins come with dedicated storage units. The Norm collection also features WCs with the revolutionary Swirl flush technology and a sleek rimless design to maximise hygiene and improve flush performance.


Kube Collection Featuring rigorous shapes and clean-cut lines, the Kube collection expresses a timeless contemporary style. Kube offers a fantastic selection of washbasins for wall hung, countertop semi-recessed and inset installation. Coupled with a wide colour choice of stylish handleless storage units, the Kube collection offers a solution for any type of basin requirement and designs. 

Pura Collection The Pura collection skilfully balances straight lines with soft shapes. This understated elegance exudes a touch of luxury that fits perfectly with GSI’s design philosophy: simple but tasteful.  Pura offers a wide range of washbasins suitable for wall hung, countertop or under.


Classic Collection This collection features traditional design at its best.Inspired by the Neoclassical style, these timeless designs are able to recreate a traditional atmosphere in a contemporary environment.


Our innovations are changing the market. Our German manufacturers are the very first company to make a freestanding, seamless bathtub, as well as being one of the first provider of a modular bathroom system with bathtub, sink and shower tub made of enamelled titanium-steel alloy, presented the first flush-to-floor shower and developed pioneering systems for consistently perfect installation.

Our shower enclosures are the epitome of comfort and style. Thanks to the importance we place on innovation and the latest in technology, such as the use of new tracks for some products, stability is the strength of our shower enclosures, as well as being a unique design item that can be highly customized. 

Simple maintenance and versatility – even in situations where installation is highly complex – are an added value for these shower enclosures, ideal for any sized bathroom.


Furthermore, the wide range of profile finishes and shower stall glass grants the room elegance and importance. This feature expands our product range, allowing you to select a quality shower stall that meets your functional needs perfectly.

Our shower space rhymes with design and style. One of the plus features of this furnishing item is the possibility of configuring it to suit individual requirements, by combining the different elements that make it up.


Shower spaces are not closed on all sides like shower cubicles, but have a “walk-in” entrance.

Because it is not visually invasive, the wetroom makes elegance its strong point and makes bathrooms look refined and modern. Without losing their one-of-a-kind profile.

CosiLiving’s shower spaces satisfy the most disparate tastes thanks to the fact that they can be personalized. The result is: bathroom style enhanced by means of an object that suits any interior, conveying quality and making it more functional. 

Shower cubicle and bath all in one: thanks to our Italian manufacturer our bath screen, value for money rhymes with practicality. Wellness and pleasure, typical of the bath tub, and the functionality and comfort of the shower make bath screens the ideal solution for obtaining a practical and pleasant space at the same time. The bath screen is able to cater to different requirements thanks to the versatile nature of glass and the profile finishing options. Not only: the multifunctional character of this product is also reflected in the installation procedures which adapt to baths of different types: between two walls or corner fitting, there is always a solution suited to your planning and space needs. 

Sanitary ware is the key element of any bathroom, which is why we offer over 25 suite options across a variety of ranges from fashionable contemporary to boutique and traditional styles. We have also proposed a selection of ready-made cloakroom and wall hung suites, together with shower bath suites and space-saving alternatives to make finding  the right combination for you as easy as possible.




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